Sic Bo Tips

Sic Bo is a fun and exciting casino table game played with three dice. It offers an entertaining change of pace from traditional Western-style games like Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Craps. To get the most out of each trip to the Sic Bo table, here are some bits of advice garnered from regular players, dealers, and gambling professionals alike. Combine them with the insights provided in the sections on Sic Bo Strategy and Winning at Sic Bo to create an unbeatable approach to this fascinating game from ancient China.

Look before Leaping – Many casino-goers are intimidated by Sic Bo—the game looks so different from what they are used to, so “foreign.”  Yet it is much easier to play that Blackjack or Craps and more on par with Roulette. Casinos welcome spectators, as long as they do not interfere with the active players. If the game seems difficult, just watch a few spins to see how truly simple it is. Then, when it begins to feel familiar, feel free to jump in and give Sic Bo a try.

Lucky Numbers – Players who are new to the game should be aware that an abundance of homonyms occur in the Chinese language, leading some numbers to be associated with good fortune and others to be seen as bad luck. For example, the number six, “liù,” is considered to be auspicious number because it sounds like the word “liū,” meaning flowing or smooth. The number nine, pronounced “jiŭ,” can mean long-lasting. On the other hand, the number four sounds exactly like the Mandarin word for death, “si.” It is studiously avoided by almost all Sic Bo players.

Balanced ActionNo combination of bets made by a player can eliminate the mathematical advantage the House enjoys in the game of Sic Bo. However, there are ways to wager that make more sense than others from a statistical point of view. Big and Small, for example, have the lowest House edge, so they should be part of each wager made, even when other bets are placed.

Best Totals – Wagering on a Three Dice Total carries different odds for each of the outcomes from 4 through 17. Surprisingly, betting on the 7 or 14 at odds of 12-to-1 offers a much lower House advantage than any of the other totals—just 9.72% versus the next best 12.5% on 8 or 13 at 8-to-1 and on 10 or 11 at 6-to-1. All other totals have even worse odds.

Tough Triples – The biggest payouts are for a Triple, correctly predicting a single number that shows up on all three of the dice faces. But this is also the riskiest wager one can make at the Sic Bo table. Experienced players either avoid betting Triples altogether or else use them as side bets, never the primary wager. Such bet can be expected to lose 99.54% of the time.

Mind the Minimums – If a table has a minimum wagering requirement of $5, it not necessary to wager $5 in a single bet. A combination of $1 wagers totaling $5 is fine, and it is even preferable. Combinations of wagers pay out more frequently and involve less risk.

Entertainment Value – Like all casino table games, as a game of chance, winning and losing are to be expected, so try not to get overly excited or disappointed by wins and losses. Sic Bo is meant to be fun. If the game ceases to be entertaining or starts causing feelings of frustration, leave the table, take a break, and return again with a fresh attitude.