Winning at Sic Bo

As noted in the section on Sic Bo Odds, the first step on the path to winning is to know what the standard payouts are and then to look for casinos that offer the highest odds. As the payout rates increase, the House edge reduces. That means more wins and greater profitability for the player. Conversely, lower payout rates mean a bigger advantage for the House and less opportunity to win.

Tips to Profiting at Sic Bo

Finding the right place to play Sic Bo may require some shopping around, but no other single factor will have a greater affect on the possibility of winning. Once a location has been selected, the following five guidelines can assist in maximizing profit potential.

Choose a Good Table One telltale sign of “good” or “bad” tables are the odds offered on totals of 4 and 17. These should be clearly posted below the numerals in the center of the table layout. The standard is “1 wins 60” or 60-to-1, which yields a House advantage of 15.28%. The very best tables will offer 65-to-1, for a House edge of 8.33%—nearly doubling the possibility of winning.

On the other hand, odds of 50-to-1 will almost double the House’s margin to 29.17%. When a table seems good, try to get a position near the middle where the entire layout can be reached. If a central position is not immediately available, just watch the game and wait until there is an opening.

Know the Limits – Take a good look at the table limits, both minimum and maximum. How much it is going to cost to wager should correlate to the size of the bankroll available for the session, as indicated in the section on Sic Bo Money Management. Also, if playing a progression, the maximum should not be so low as to prohibit effective doubling of wagers.

Look for Promotions Casinos compete with one another for customers. Look for bonuses and other promotions they offer to get and retain new customers. Information on these should be available at the Players Club or Customer Service Desk. Ask about free chips and bonus cash, complimentary sweepstakes entries and special casino services.

Win or lose, active players are often eligible for discounts on meals, rooms, and entertainment. New players are especially courted, so check out what’s being given away before becoming engrossed in play.

Develop a Winning StrategySome players use a system, such as d’Alembert or Labouchere. Others rely entirely on their gut feelings and luck. Over the short term, any approach to Sic Bo may be successful, but in the long run, those who play with a specific strategy tend to fare much better than those who rely purely on intuition.

Keep in mind that each system of betting has its strengths and weaknesses. Some advantage can be gained by be able to switch from one method of play to another as conditions seem to warrant. But no matter what system is used, an effort should be made to master it. Practice makes perfect at Sic Bo, just as it does in any repetitive activity.

Know When to StopBecause the Sic Bo Odds are tilted so far in the House’s favor, the longer one stays at the table, the more likely the probability of losing becomes. Far too often, winners play longer than intended and end up losing back everything they have gained, and then some. The best way to beat Sic Bo is to win in the short-term and then quit while ahead.

Set a time limit or a play for a fixed number of spins, and then be prepared to leave the table, win or lose. Whatever the exit strategy is preferred, stick to it. All winning streaks come to an end eventually, and the House edge has a way of catching up with players who overstay their good luck.